Protest and tension due to phantom-guarded trains

“El Nuevo Herald” reported thoroughly about recent protest and deprecation among passengers pointing their fingers into provided security levels on the Metrorail and Metromover. According to the allegations, the passengers are highly unsatisfied by protection rail and bus networks get over the last few years. Since the matter of safeguarding rail and bus network was handled to the Wackenhut Corporation for huge money, this company is now in the spotlight.

What happened to the service of guards?

Namely, Miami – Dade government granted a no-bid 89-million dollars’ contract to the Wackenhut Corporation to safeguard the rail and bus networks. The contract is set to last five years. However, the problem occurred recently, when frustrated passengers protested against this company, claiming that County’s transport is getting “phantoms” as safeguards since true security guards are usually absent from their spots. Meanwhile, the train and bus network remains unprotected, and The Wackenhut Corp. continues to get enormous money for the non-existing services.

Concerns of the citizens

Worried and bitter passenger express concerns for their safety and the safety of their property due to completely unguarded rail and bus network. There are many questions citizens addressed to government and directly to the Wackenhut Corporation concerning abuse of the public function, peculation of a huge sum of money (paid by taxpayers) and irresponsibility when it comes to public safety. The citizens demand an investigation and prompt solution to the problem.

The most urgent issue is organizing safeguards during the night shifts and passengers suggest municipal police, as a temporary solution. The regular passengers are warning the government and the chosen security company that adequate reacting provided after some potential tragedy happens will be too late.

Investigation in the security company

Wackenhut security is officially under the criminal investigation since federal investigators raided the headquarters. This huge government contractor is facing charges for overbilling taxpayers millions of dollars meant for county transport. The management of the security company is accused of the strategy of overworking and underpaying workers and failing to conduct the projects taxpayers gave money for. Aside peculation of a large amount of money, the security company is charged for threatening public safety by neglecting the primary duties and leaving county transport fully unguarded. Safeguards who were supposed to work in this security system got some minor tasks and significantly less money than they should have.

SEIU welcomes Exelon

Soon after the drama with Wackenhut Corporation was revealed and pushed into all media, Exelon Corporation came out with the official announcement that it was going to terminate Wackenhut Corp. at its ten nuclear facilities. The announcement was welcomed by Service Employees International Union, SEIU, as “the right thing to do.” Officials from SEIU released the statement that supports the actions of Exelon Corporation. As stated, they see the current changes as common sense after the recent affair and hope to see Exelon providing a clean slate, better system and future progress where Wackenhut Corporation failed.

Commercial security providers

Commercial security providers

Whether you own a small manufacturer shop or a complex building hiring hundreds of employees, the matter of people’s safety and property protection is something you should carefully deal with. In spite of the remaining central role of the national security for citizens, more and more security companies do the same task directly for certain businesses and companies. All of these security systems providers tailor the customized safety strategy for each client, adjusting it to the specific requirements, needs, wishes and features of the certain building. Assortments of services are pretty similar, as well as the prices, and most of the security companies provide the latest technology in the security industry. The catch is to find a reliable, affordable and highly professional security company so you can rest assured your people and property is guarded continuously.

Here’s a brief overview of the most common security systems services.

Fire alarms

Commercial fire alarm systems fulfill all code requirements. The basic construction goes by default, but most of these systems are adjusted, designed and specified according to the properties of the mere business building. Also, you can add drawings, tie-in, and other services to the basic installation. However, in the case of fire at any level in any office, alarms trigger signals, signals are detected in the local office of your security systems provider and the rescue action is triggered.

Access Control

Access control systems are particularly important for big corporations and commercial buildings where a huge number of people circulated on a daily basis. On the one hand, you want strict control over who comes in and who walks out. On the other hand, you don’t need a mess created by complicated and unreliable access mechanism. Thus, access control which is connected to the central station is the best solution. Most commercial security companies install these systems within a day and are capable of connecting all your substation into the same net.

Monitor your building in and out

Lines of low-light and long-recording video monitoring equipment is usually installed at some adequate positions inside the building and even more important – outside of it, enabling you to keep an eye on the situation in every part of the building. If you are not present in front of the monitors at a certain moment, cameras will record it all with amazing precision and resolution. With just a few additional links, you get the option of remote reviewing the recorded material.

Industry process monitoring

These security systems are quite handy and required in various industrial facilities. If there is a phase of the process that should be closely monitored, due to strictly required conditions (such as right temperature, potential leaks, toxic materials, humidity…), you should install the powerful, diverse monitoring system capable of keeping an eye on all of it. This will also detect every potentially hazardous change in the environment.

These are just some of the most common security services companies provide, but if your commercial building has some other special requirements, look around for reliable, professional and affordable security provider to provide you with a customized security system.

Modern trends of private security services

Modern trends of private security services

Combined influence of a rapid technology evolution and various social trends and changes resulted in the expansion of private security industry. Although the safety of public good and citizens has been state’s concern so far, more and more security companies are providing private services of securing residents and property. This field raises many questions, from legislative to ethical, but the fact is that security services are expanding their influence.

Assortment of residential security services

Most security companies specialize in providing private security services for residential property or commercial buildings. When it comes to residential security services, what every family wants is continuous full safety provided via quality products and the latest technology from the best manufacturers to guarantee the safety of family members, pets, and property. Most security companies install security systems, adjusted according to the specific needs of a certain family or house. These systems are usually quite easy to use, reliable, precise and at some point, affordable. The feeling of complete carefreeness and peace of mind is what makes this investment cost-effective. Most of these security companies, when installing security systems for residential property, offer pretty much the same assortment of services. Here’s a rundown of the most common services.

Fire alarms

Simple installation of smoke detectors is not enough. If there’s a fire and you are away, there’s no much use of detectors if no one receives the signals and calls the fire brigade to evacuate. Therefore, most security companies provide a full system of fire alarms installed on every level in every room. The alarms are usually wireless and monitored constantly, so in the case of a fire, teams are reaching the signal and triggering the rescue action.

Medical alarms

You wouldn’t like to find yourself alone in the house and unable to even reach the phone if the heart attack strikes you. The same goes for your loved ones. Functioning in a similar way as fire alarms, only linked to the ambulance, these alarms are life savers.

Various camera systems

Security video systems, cameras, and monitors are usually being installed around the house and in the backyard. The signals are generated, and the picture is seen on TV, computer or monitor. All of these systems have long-lasting recording and low light features. The superb system even enables you to monitor your house while being away and you can do that via your cell phone or computer.

Alarm systems for monitoring kids

Are they up yet? Have they entered the house safely after the school? Is baby sleeping safely in the bed? Modern life keeps parents away from home often. These alarming systems allow you to keep an eye on your children and ease your mind until you come home.

Alarms against the silent killer

Many heating systems produce carbon monoxide which is concerned to be a silent killer of people. The gas has no color or smell, and it’s frequently fatal. Various alarming systems arranged around your home can easily prevent these kinds of tragedies.

Conserving Earth’s Natural Resources

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The Dilemma Behind Nuclear Power

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No Laughing Matter: Nuclear Policy and Dr. Strangelove

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The War on Terror is Counter-Productive

war on terrorMarc Sageman, ex-CIA officer and Senior Fellow at the Center on Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and Homeland Security at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, surveyed the origin of global neo-Jihadi terror plots in the last five years and found that in 78 per cent of cases there is no link to a command from the Afghan/Pakistani border region.

Future Concerns

Marc Sageman presented his comprehensive survey covering 60 global neo-Jihadi plots since 1988 in his testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October 2009. The criteria included both failed and successful plots by Al Qaeda core, affiliated and inspired groups. Sageman’s results showed only 20 per cent of the sample could be attributed to the AQ core command. Sageman also found evidence of a decline in AQ core instigated attacks since 2001 and an upsurge of AQ-inspired autonomous plots since the Iraq invasion in 2003.

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