Work Targeted for Minority and Small Missions Goes Instead to Native 

One phase of the Army’s contract competition was open only to minority and small  Three contracts, worth more than $150 million over their potential 5 year life, were awarded to an 8(a) company, TW & Co of Lanham, Maryland and two Alaska Native Corporations, Chenega Security and Protection and Doyon Limited.  Unlike other 8(a) companies, ANCs are exempted from dollar limitations on sole-sourcing, can own unlimited subsidiaries and are not even required to be headed by Natives.

GAO Finds Problems “Across the Board”

The Army decision to re-solicit a number of controversial contracts to provide security at several U.S. Army bases came after the GAO reported numerous problems plaguing the contracts. The GAO found substantial problems with the screening process for contract security officers which, taken together, have “put the Army at risk of staffing its gates with contract security guards who are not qualified for the job and in fact has resulted in applicants with criminal histories, including felons, being employed as guards.”

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