Welcome to Eye On Wackenhut. The name might sound familiar to some of you. To those who aren’t Wackenhut is one of the world’s top security companies which is based on the US but conduct their business worldwide.

This website isn’t about the company, but rather, to provide news regarding it. Eye On Wackenhut focuses its attention on the events surrounding this security corporation and other related issues about them.

Why? To watch the watchers. To provide public insight about what this private company does. It’s come to no surprise that this private security company is tie to a number of controversies. And those controversies need to be heard.

Before you jump to any conclusions, we are not a bias group intended to attack the image of this corporation. We strive, and will continue to strive, to give our readers unbiased news; ensuring that the voices of each sides are laid on the table.

This site will not laser focus its attention on Wackenhut, but it’s not to say we’re going to write about stuff that isn’t related to them either. What this means is that we will also write security news in general.

Their methods, effectiveness; other security companies, concerns about them, public opinions, and other issues.

For instance, as Wackenhut’s services cater nuclear plantations, we will publish pieces regarding nuclear plants; the danger they pose to the public and environment, and other concerns revolving around it.

Analyzing the effectiveness of security services is also another potential subject. Methods that are being used, training programs on their hired personnel, the ability of security companies to adapt and use rapid technological evolution – all these and more are grounds for stories that will be release here.

Other threats concerning security as a whole is also to be expected. That means from the physical and virtual. Hackers and crime groups are thriving on the web that are abusing the system and targets the unfamiliar.

Terrorists groups are also encompassed. Their ascension to power, the mindset of such individuals, their goals and methods of attacks, where they thrive, and how government and people in general deal with them, as well as many other aspects will be posted here.

We believe that providing the public with this information will not only increase their understanding of these issues, but also raise awareness on the growing concerns around them.

Through the combination of topics about security and the people behind it we are hoping to shed more light on certain misconceptions and to give a clear view of circumstances in this niche that may arise in the future.

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